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Dating Old Photographs

I realise that I've been neglecting my Blog in recent weeks and have decided I need to do better.  So from now on, it will be my objective to write something at least every two weeks.  With my principal interests being in 19th and early 20th century family history, and in the associated social and political history of those times, I've therefore decided to concentrate most of my efforts on that period. So in future, you can expect to find comments in my blog relevant to those topics, plus perhaps the occasional 'off-the-wall' commentary when the mood takes me!

Today's offering is about Old Photographs.  I mentioned previously that I had recently inherited some 'new' old photographs from a cousin.  Fortuitously, quite a few of these photographs had been annotated with the names of at least some of the people shown in the images, and sometimes a date....a rare event in most old photo albums.  One of the emerging 'stars' from the albums is one of my maternal grandmothers, Clara Stanbridge  Clara it seems enjoyed standing in front of the camera and has left a legacy of images dating from 1883-1940 that I have now assembled in a photo-gallery on my website.

There are several books and websites that can be of assistance in dating old photographs but you may also find Clara's photo-gallery of some assistance as well.  If you just like looking at old photographs there should also be something of interest for you in the gallery. Now that I've at last worked out how to assemble a photo-gallery on-line (yes, I'm old and not very computer-literate), I plan to add other galleries, including one linked to the subject matter of my recent book 'The Chieftain'.

Taking into account the wonderful set of photographs that my great-grandmother Clara left behind, I am almost prepared to forgive her for committing that otherwise most heinous of family-history crimes....marrying someone called 'Smith'! (For those readers who do not understand my point here, you obviously have not had to trawl through the archives trying to discriminate one William Smith from the multitude of others.)

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