Christopher Charles Payne


Christopher Charles Payne Rupert George Payne Charles Fredrick Payne Ida Muriel Payne Evelyn Violet Abbott Sydney Abbott Hilda Esther Smith


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Rupert George Payne 25/02/1916  Evelyn Violet Abbott 5/10/1915

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 15/05/1946 Kingston on Thames UK






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Rupert George PayneFather25/02/1916Tooting20/07/199073 Wood Ride, Petts Wood, Kent
Evelyn Violet AbbottMother5/10/1915Mitcham, Croydon, Surrey, UK14/08/1981Royal Marsden Hospital, Fulham Rd, London
Hilda Esther SmithGrandmother22/08/1893Ealing, London, UK5/01/1988Wimbledon, Surrey, UK
Ida Muriel PayneGrandmother23/08/1885Camberwell, London, UK18/05/1980St Austell, Cornwall, UK
Sydney AbbottGrandfather1/12/1884Hounslow, Middlesex, UK17/07/1941Wimbledon, Surrey, UK
Charles Fredrick PayneGrandfather24/09/1883Westminster, Middlesex, UK11/02/191955 General Hospital, BEF, Boulogne, France
Great grandparents
William John SmithGreat grandfather29/04/1871Godstone, Surrey, England
Clara StanbridgeGreat grandmother10/07/1869East Grinstead, Sussex, England12/10/1942Wimbledon, Surrey, UK
George PayneGreat grandfather21/09/18646 Brunswick Row, Westminster, Middlesex, UK19/09/193028 Coverton Road, Tooting, London, UK
Louisa Elizabeth BurgessGreat grandmother12/09/18634 Wood Street, Lambeth, London, UK18/11/1934Tooting, London, UK
Emily Bent ClarkeGreat grandmother28/09/1853St Johns Wood, London, UK2/04/1932Croydon, Surrey, UK
Henry Stableforth PayneGreat grandfather4/03/1851Clapham, Surrey, UK14/07/190925 Ferris Road, East Dulwich, UK
Joseph John Whebby AbbottGreat grandfather27/02/1851Marsh Yeovil, Somerset, UK1/09/1919Wimbledon, Kingston, Surrey
Jane NibbsGreat grandmother19/01/1850Woking, Surrey, UK23/03/1911Portsmouth
Second great grandparents
Ester HarbourSecond great grandmother1843
George PayneSecond great grandfather14/05/1842Westminster, Middlesex, UK31/01/1927Tiptree, Essex, UK
Henry Stephen SmithSecond great grandfatherabt 1833Tottenham, Middlesex, England18/12/1915West Ham, Essex, England
Mary Anne McGregorSecond great grandmother1823
George ClarkeSecond great grandfather5/07/1818Therfield, Hertfordshire, UK30/01/189120 Great College Street, Westminster, London, UK
Henry PayneSecond great grandfather1816Portsea/Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK10/12/1882Westminster, London, UK
John NibbsSecond great grandfatherabt 1816Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England16/09/1873Guildford, Surrey, UK
William StanbridgeSecond great grandfather31/10/1807West Hoathly, Sussex4/08/1880Horsham, West Sussex, England
Elizabeth McGregorSecond great grandmother1826/11/131907/04/13
Hannah SheadSecond great grandmother1885/09/02
Jane WhebbySecond great grandmother1861/09/04
Mary Ann FordSecond great grandmotherc 1837
Mary StableforthSecond great grandmother1807/06/27
Susannah WatsonSecond great grandmother1820/04/16
Thomas AbbottSecond great grandfatherc.1820Sandford Orcas, Somerset, UK22/02/1902Camberwell, London, UK
William H. BurgessSecond great grandfatherc. 1828Chiswick, Middlesex, UK22/07/190019 Hartington Road, Kennington, Lambeth, London
Uncles & Aunts
William Stanley AbbottUncle26/09/191630/06/1993Devon
Richard William PayneUncle15/04/1914Tooting, London, UK6/07/1980Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK
Charles John Burgess PayneUncle1/06/1912Tooting, London, UK31/10/1976Tehidy Hospital, Illogan North, Cornwall, UK
Edward Arthur PayneUncle25/02/1910Wandsworth, London, UK25/04/1956Leamington, Warwickshire, UK
Leslie AbbottUncle24 September
Great uncles & Great aunts
Dorothy PayneGreat aunt14/10/1896Tooting, London, UK30/06/19635 Polwarth Street, Colac, Victoria, Australia
William Arthur PayneGreat uncle23/01/1895Tooting, London, UK16/09/1955Hornsby, Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia
Elsie Elizabeth PayneGreat aunt13/11/1892South Lambeth, London, UK7/04/1979Croydon, Surrey, UK
William Stanbridge SmithGreat uncle26/03/1892Marylebone, London11/04/1961Croydon, Surrey, UK
Beatrice Charlotte Annie PayneGreat aunt27/05/1891Dulwich, London, UK27/03/1965Southwark, London, UK
William Norman PayneGreat uncle30/01/1889Westminster, Middlesex, UK26/01/1960Camberwell, London, England
Harry George PayneGreat uncle30/09/1888Lambeth, Surrey, UK24/01/1963St Austell, Cornwall
Charles Frederick MacGregor PayneGreat uncle1887East Dulwich/Peckham, London, UK30/03/1951Tooting, London SW17
Gertrude Elizabeth Mary PayneGreat aunt31/07/1885Westminster, London, UK16/08/1973Greenwich, London, UK
Louisa Alice Mary PayneGreat aunt25/11/1883Westminster, Middlesex, UK18/07/1972Sutton, Surrey, UK
Joseph John Whebby AbbottGreat uncle30/04/1882Hounslow, Middlesex, UK1/02/1968
Edward Arthur PayneGreat uncle16/08/1881Westminster, Middlesex, UK7/04/189620 Great College Street, Westminster, London, UK
Thomas John AbbottGreat uncle1881Hounslow, Middlesex, UK
George Herbert PayneGreat uncle15/11/1879Westminster, Middlesex, UK4/06/1963Bromley, Kent, UK
Annie AbbottGreat aunt2/11/1878Hounslow, Middlesex, UK
Henry John Clarke PayneGreat uncle17/07/1877Westminster, Middlesex, UK11/12/1944City of London
Ella Jane AbbottGreat aunt1877Battersea, Surrey, England1883Brentford, Middlesex, UK
Marjory PayneGreat auntc. 1900Tooting, London, UKJan-Feb-Mar 1982