More Book Reviews and Features of ‘The Chieftain’

It is probably my age (i.e. the grumpiness of a ‘senior citizen’, rather the impetuousness of youth…now long gone) that makes me impatient to see more reviews and features of my recent book ‘The Chieftain’.  At last it now seems that more are on their way.  The first sign of the welcome ‘second-wave’ of interest in the book is likely to be a 4-page feature in the country’s best-selling monthly family history publication Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine.  Needless to say I’m very grateful for the interest and the excellent article penned by the Deputy-Editor Claire Vaughan . It will be in the June issue, available in UK newsagents, or sent by post to subscribers from mid-May(click for further details) .

This should be followed in the coming months by promised reviews in outlets as diverse as NARPO Magazine (the quarterly magazine for the National Association of Retired Police Officers), Oxford Today ( issued three times a year to alumni of Oxford University) and some more academic publications including History Today, the Journal of Victorian Culture and Crime, History and Societies.

Much as I will be very pleased to receive the comments from these sources I would also like to hear the views of other individual readers, so if you have read ‘The Chieftain’, and would like to make your comments known, anonymously or otherwise, you have several ways of getting your views across. For example, the Amazon and Waterstones’ websites allow you to attach online comments on the book; just go to ‘The Chieftain’s webpage on either of those sites.  You can also write your comments on this Blog page or on my Guestbook page. Don’t forget, authors like myself, if we are to improve, can always learn from our readers’ reactions!!  By the way, if you are interested in reading reviews and features on the book that have already been published , you can locate these from the ‘True Crime’ page of my website (click True Crime).



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